WIFI Display Adapter


1. Easy to use: Plug into HDMI Interface of your TV and works
2. Works With: iPhone, iPad, Android Smart-phone, Android tablet, MAC Pro/Air, Windows OS Laptop, Ultra book, Desktop
3. Support Cross Platforms Working and Works with the majority of devices: Android OS 4.0 or above, iOS 6.0 or above, MAC OS X 10.7 or above, Windows XP or above
4. Support Multi working modes including: Miracast, EZCast, EZAir (Equal to Apple AirPlay*), DLNA
5. Unique EZCast function Supports locally and on-line displaying your video, music, photo, documents of your device onto your big TV screen


Wirelessly Display your Smart-phone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop Screen on your HDTV Without Using Cables

Product Overview

The days of crowding around your smart-phone or tablet are officially over. By connecting this WIFI Display adapter into the HDMI interface of your TV. You can wirelessly display the screen of your smart-phone/tablet/laptop directly to your big screen TV. Play your APPs, Peruse your pictures. Stream your shows. Play your games. All in 1080p HD resolution with surround sound. All this are done wirelessly based on latest wireless display technology without using any HDMI cables to connect TV directly with your devices.

Easy to Use | Plug and Play

You just need to connect M4 WIFI Display Adapter to the HDMI interface of your HDTV, do several simple configurations on your device and the screen of your devices will be displayed on your HDTV.

Power Supply by USB PortEasy to Use | Plug and Play

M4 WIFI Display Adapter is power supplied by Micro USB port, you just need to use the equipped USB cable to connect M4 with the USB port of your TV for power supply and it works. Or you can connect the USB cable to USB port of your smart-phone or tablet charger for power supply also.

Support Easy Configured by APP

M4 WIFI Display Adapter is easy to install and use, you just need to install APP from Google Play or Apple APP store and you are able to configure M4 on your smart-phone/tablet in several steps. And software for configuring M4 on Windows Laptop/Ultrabook/Desktop is available also.

How does it work? (Working Modes)

M4 WIFI Display Adapter Supports Multi working modes including: Miracast, EZCast, EZMirror (Equal to Apple AirPlay*) and DLNA

Miracast Working Mode

M4 Miracast mirroring let you show screen of your smart-phone/tablet/laptop/desktop screen exactly on your big HDTV screen wirelessly. It supports up to 1080P HD resolution with surround sound. Every APP, video, gaming, music, picture, documents, Internet browser of your device can be exactly mirrored on your HDTV. You can Zoom in and out and Rotate from portrait to landscape and your audience can see that. M4 Miracast does it all wirelessly, so you can work the room or sit comfortably among the crowd. If you see it, so can they. Besides, when you are mirroring screen of your devices on TV wirelessly, the WIFI internet connection of your devices is not disconnected and still on Internet.

M4 Works with a Variety of Device on Miracast

Miracast is new WIFI display technology and it is included by default in Android 4.2 OS by Google already. More and more Android Smartphone and tablet with 4.2 OS or higher are supporting this great wireless display technology.

Also, M4 works with Laptop, Ultra books and desktop compliant with Intel WIFI Display(WIDI) 3.5 or above. Below are part of the hot devices tested to work with M4 on Miracast function. For more about devices model compatible, please contact us for the full compatibility list:

EZCast Mode

EZCast function is compatible with the majority of all the current smart devices and PCs on the market. Under EZCast working mode of M4, you just need to run our easy-to-use APP to connect M4 to your home WIFI Internet network, and then your smart-phone/tablet/PC will be connect to M4 for WIFI internet connection. After this, you can wirelessly display the screen of your smart-phone, tablet, ultra book, laptop, desktop on your big HDTV screen. You can wirelessly display your video, music, picture, Internet browser, documents from your devices to your TV screen. Also, the screen of your devices camera is real time wirelessly displayed on your TV also. When doing these, your devices are still connected to the wireless Internet at the same time.

M4 Works with the Majority of Smart Devices and PC on EZCast Mode

Devices Compatible Hardware Requirement Wirelessly Display the below on your TV Screen Note
OS  Hardware
Various Android OS Smart-phone, Tablet including Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Kindle, Nexus, Asus, ZTE, Huawei etc. Android 4.0 OS or above 1GHz CPU and 1GB+ DDR are preferred  Picture display, document presentation, web browsing, camera mirroring, music and video streaming.  
iPad2/New iPad/iPad3/iPad4
iPod Touch 4
iOS 6.0 or above / Picture display, document presentation, web browsing, camera mirroring, music and video streaming.  
iMac, Macbook and MacAir
Mac OSX 10.7 or above No special requirement Extension and Mirror with Audio transmission.  
Windows Laptop, Desktop XP SP3 or above, including Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. No special requirement Supports music and video streaming, document presentation, web browsing,  Supports Extension(XP/Vista/7) and Mirror (XP/Vista/7/8) with audio transmission (Vista/7/8).

EZCast Function is your Best Mate for PPT Presentation

M4 WIFI display adapter is your best mate for PPT in business meeting, tanning, and school education. By using EZCast function of M4, you just need to connect M4 to the HDMI port of your projector or HDMI port of your big screen TV, you are able to wirelessly display documents, picture, video of your above mentioned compatible devices on a big Screen to present to a group of audience without using a VGA or HDMI cable to connect your device with your projector or TV screen. Your movement when doing the presentation is not limited by the length of the VGA or HDMI cable any more. At the same time, your device can visit the WIFI internet when doing the presentation.

EZAir Mode(Equal to Apple Airplay*)

M4 WIFI Display Adapter EZAir working mode is designed for iOS and Mac OS. It has the same function as Airplay*. You can wirelessly display video, music, picture on your iPhone, iPad, Mac to your big screen TV in 1080P resolution with surround sound. By plugging M4 to the HDMI Interface of your HDTV and install our EZCast APP on your Apple device, your now can play contents of your Apple device in big TV screen wirelessly without using cables. It works with iPhone4/4S/5/5C/5S, iPad, Mac Mini, Mac bookPro, Mac bookAir.


M4 DLNA function works with WIFI devices installed with DLNA enabled APP. By using the DLNA function of M4 WIFI display adapter, you are able to wirelessly display the HD video, of your smart-phone/tablet/laptop/desktop on your big screen TV.

you just need to open the DLNA supported APP, play the video and press the DLNA button on the APP screen, and the contents will be push to display on your big TV screen, and you can still control the volume and playing of the contents on your device. During this, you do not need to play the contents on your device to save power, and the contents will keep playing on your TV at the same time.

Works with all WIFI Smart Devices and PC Installed with DLNA Supported APP as below:

Various Android OS Smart-phone, Tablet including: Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Kindle, Nexus, Asus, ZTE, Huawei etc.

Apple : iPhone4/4S/5/5C/5S | iPad2/New iPad/iPad3/iPad4 | iMac, Mac book and Mac Air

Windows Laptop, Desktop  APP supporting DLNA includes:

There are so many APPs supporting DLNA, please open your Video APP, if you find the DLNA icon in it, it indicates that your APP supports DLNA and can works with M4 WIFI display adapter in DLNA working mode. Below are part of the APP supporting DLNA